Hello there…



I’m Georgina, a twenty three year old currently living in the heart of Dorset with my weird but wonderful family and friends!


I am a girl of many interests. If you lose me, I will most probably be found in a coffee shop writing lists of places I plan to go in the near future. If you need me, you will have to find me or call me as social media isn’t my thing. If you want to join me with one of my hobbies, you will have to like yoga, running, drawing, reading, writing or helping people. But if none of those are your thing, that’s cool too.


I strongly believe that life is far too short to not enjoy every single day. 


I also believe that you should never regret a single thing that you do in life. If your heart is drawn towards a person, a place or an experience… go for it because you never know the outcome until you try.


So why blog? 

I want this blog to be my little place where I share my life with people all over the World. Share my stories of places I’ve been, share my experiences (both tough and liberating), share my knowledge (or lack of) but most of all, I hope to inspire. Inspire people to follow their dreams just like I plan to and do follow mine.


You will most likely be reading about…  



My plan is to travel, I want to travel and experience new cultures and new places all over the World. However, there is no rush for me so I cannot say that this is going to be solely a travel blog because I love coming home just as much as I love going away.



I know I’m not the only person that plans the next adventure whilst travelling home from the latest one. Whether that is applying for a new evening class at college, entering an exciting challenge or deciding which place is getting ticked off the bucket list next.


& things that make my heart, head and sole happy… 

Happy people, milky stars, quotes of inspiration, greenery, the older generation, gluten free pancakes, music of the acoustic kind, the beach & road trips.


I am an adrenaline junkie.

I am creative.

I am a daydreamer,

But equally a hard worker.

I am a believer.

I am a helper.

I am a supporter.

I love deeply,

But also have a wild heart.

I sing, but only to my shower head and the driving wheel of my mint green fiat 500 which is named chip.

Make every day an adventure and I promise you life will show you nothing but happiness.



The World we all live changes daily ; I don’t think anyone can ever plan what is going to happen tomorrow, don’t get me wrong, we can all have an idea of what we would like to happen but the likelihood of it happening is rare. We come across new people and new chances every day and my goal is to embrace them whether that is good or bad because you will learn from the bad and shine from the good. 

A lot of people are afraid of happiness these days, the idea of happiness is often ‘the perfect life’ but what people don’t realise is, happiness is right there in front of you, it is just waiting for you to simply choose it. 



PS. My dad calls me his ‘brown eyed girl’ which became the perfect name for my blog…









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