The city where everything and anything is acceptable, a place bursting with life changing art and a place with an incredible history…

Does anyone else expect this feeling when arriving somewhere new?

The moment I step off my mode of transport, I expect to be hit with an array of feelings… excitement for exploring somewhere new, inspired by different cultures and fashions, hit with smells of local food/coffee and enticed to discover more. However when stepping into Berlin, this wasn’t the case for me…

There is graffiti everywhere which isn’t the kind that looks pretty and inviting, the local transport system was confusing and my mind was blown with how big this city felt. I had those two little people on each one of my shoulders, one telling me to get the hell out of this place and the other one telling me to man the hell up and explore. I am pleased to tell you that I did man the hell up, I got on that ever so confusing mode of transport, I took a deep breath ready to embrace a new place and wowee, I am so glad I did…

As I mentioned before, Berlin is a huge place. There were times that it took us over an hour to get to our next destination. However, the reason for this could be the fact that myself and Sophie couldn’t get our head around the transport system. There were many times we would be going in the wrong direction, standing at the incorrect bus stop or missing stops on the underground (just to make ourselves feel better, we have decided to blame getting lost on the size of the city!)

Read on to see what we did in our three days in Berlin…

I’m sure you have all heard of the Berlin Wall. This was defiantly one place with amazing street art! The Berlin Wall was knocked down in 1989 and to celebrate, artists from all over the world were invited to design artwork of inspiration. Walking along the wall makes you realise how lucky we are, we have no one to stop us from enjoying the life we want to lead but the residents of Germany for many years were split up due to political differences. So many lives were lost for a cause that to me, seems so pointless now. However, the wall was knocked down and the people of Berlin became the people they wanted to be. Whether that being an older man deciding to finally tell the world he is gay or the quiet girl wanting to wear that vibrant outfit and dye her hair the colours of the rainbow… the wall inspired people to follow their heart because you know what, life is just too short not to!

One of the main reasons for our visit to Berlin was the vintage clothing scene… Sophie has a friend who has spent a lot of time in the city and she gave us some great recommendations of where to go… Pick ‘nweight was defiantly our favourite. There is a colour system on the clothing as to what price category it is in, when you are finished you will pay for how much it weighs.

As we are travellers and on a small budget, we couldn’t go all out (like we usually would) so we ventured to the back of the shop where everything is €5… it’d be rude not to ay? We both walked away feeling very satisfied with our two new tops.

Any readers out there who love anything from vintage rugs to modern art then The Sunday Flea Market at Maurer park is the place to be… you will find just about anything and everything here including clothing, art, jewellery, homeware, amazing street food and so much more!

We had that problem of wanting to buy everything in sight but as stated before… travelling and on a budget so we followed our ears until we reached a very busy park full of musicians sharing their music for free…

*We stopped and listened to a band who have been on the road all summer, they have been travelling to different destinations to play their music wherever they can. They don’t ask for money but they have CD’s where they ask you to pay what you think it is worth in order to pay for their food and petrol. If that isn’t love for what you do then I don’t know what is*

Give TIMMAS a listen if alternative rock is your thing…

F O O D & C O F F E E

One thing I know for sure about Berlin is that the food and coffee is amazing… we didn’t have enough meal times and days to go to all the places we wanted to however I will be sharing with you our favourites very soon…

The more I ventured and explored this city, the more I fell in love with it. I have grown to realise that we shouldn’t judge a book by the cover, we should give every moment a chance and then when it’s over, that’s when you make up your mind as to how you feel about it. Having that feeling when stepping off transport may not always hit you straight away but I can assure you when you give something a chance, you will more often than not end up loving it more than you expected…

Thank you for reading, I am currently sat writing this on the floor of a train after getting kicked out of our seats so may your bum not be as numb as mine.




  1. Steve Reynolds
    September 3, 2017 / 9:34 pm

    Another very interesting and educational blog on Berlin, it sounds like a nice place to explore with the different shops and the music scene. It sounds like the food has got better than when I was out there keep the the blogs coming my little girl love you and miss you lots. Sorry to hear you don\’t have a seat to sit on while writing this.
    Xxxxxxxx Dad

    • September 4, 2017 / 9:21 pm

      Glad you enjoyed it, my biggest fan! Love you lots xxxxxxx

  2. Adel-Alexandre
    September 20, 2017 / 7:54 pm

    Someone told me the tale of two adventurous English roses travelling across Europe… On their way they met a Frog, with a beard and a hat on. This Frog had a dream, to visit \”the castle that belonged to the mad king\”.
    -How quaint, said one of the Roses who was very friendly, this is where we are heading too. We know the way, let\’s go together!
    -However, said the other rose, we must warn you that during our journey we shall not eat any meat, or fish, or milk, or cream, or cakes, or milkshakes, or…
    -That\’s quite all right, interrupted the frog, i only feed on love.

    Readers must be warned that this particular Frog happened to be French and therefore dreadfully romantic and disgustingly cliche…
    On their way to the \”castle that belonged to the mad king\”, the trio found a beautiful Russian doll. The Frog seemed fascinated by it which did not escape the notice of the two flowers. They suggested to take the Russian doll on board \”as a lucky charm\”.
    This turned out to be a very good idea. Indeed, the doll was a great traveller too and enchanted our little group with her stories from the frozen mountains of Crimea to the exotic Indian palaces.

    Once arrived the Roses felt the earth shaking as they saw hundreds of German wild horses galloping towards them. They luckily managed to keep the Frog safe, the little doll however got lost during the turmoil…To cheer up their friend the Roses offered to take a picture of him next to the castle.
    -What for?, said the frog who was still upset, looking at it is good enough…
    -Think about it, said the oldest rose who was also the wisest one, one day you may have little tadpoles, and then those little tadpoles will have little tadpoles of their own, don\’t you think they would be proud to see their dear grandpa Frog fulfilling one of his dream?
    The thought of it brought a big smile on the Frog\’s face who finally decided to take a picture anyway.

    The three now friends started their journey back home.
    To their surprise they found another Russian doll on the way!
    -Looks like there are plenty more fish in the sea…Thought the Roses.

    With their brand new lucky charm, they celebrated the end of their adventure drinking beer and wine in the far far away land of the Olympia park, a notoriously difficult place to reach where the music of joy, happiness and friendship is always playing even when the musicians are gone!

    A french traveller.

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