A M S T E R D A M (part three)

I have been demoted and I am no longer in charge of the alarm today so we managed to have a super cute breakfast on the balcony… (thanks Sophie, you early bird you!)

I couldn’t have found a more suitable travelling partner if I am honest… whenever I explain Sophie to people who don’t know her, I say ‘we are pretty much the same person in different bodies’ so having a person like this to travel with has been a special experience so far.

One of our many common interests is art. We love it. The thought of getting lost in someone else’s thoughts and imagination excites us.

So today, we were on the hunt for all things artsy and pretty.

It was always the plan to head to the museum quarter in Amsterdam, but little did we realise there was a Banksy and Salivador Dali exhibition on so of course we headed straight for that (this time, we decided to skip the running… Sophie only has three pairs of trousers and she is already one down!)


So just a little background on Banksy (in case any of you aren’t familiar with him) he is an unidentified street artist from Bristol. He has been creating masterpieces in big cities for several years. He was inspired as a young boy by another street artist (named 3D) who went on to play in a band. Banksy is the first person to make a profession from street art and he has managed to keep a hidden identity for all these years!

His art is out of this world. The messages that he puts across in his work is incredible… it appears to me that he may have had a hard time growing up and possibly seen things that a young boy shouldn’t have so his work shows a lot of the evil and the bad in the world but also shows an immense sense of hope and love.


I had seen a lot of Salivador Dali’s work but never familiarised myself with who he was and what he was about. This is why going to exhibitions are amazing because you come out with so much knowledge about a person who has changed lives with art. Dali was a Spanish artist who didn’t believe in his artwork or himself until he met his wife who inspired him to publish his art! (Woop wooo for the ladies!)

He had weird and wacky ideas, for example. One of his famous pieces is ‘The melting Clock” which if you look closely enough has his face on it and it resembles camembert cheese which was his favourite…

Dali’s artwork blows your mind and opens your mind to new ideas as he saw the world in a completely different light! (It would be pretty amazing to be in this guys head for the day, I could just imagine he would see rainbows everywhere!)

The Floating Flower Market

Ah! This floating flower market is something I have wanted to do for as long as I can remember and today was the day I finally got to see it…

Note to self, go back to Amsterdam when the tulips are flowering as I was walking round wondering why none of the tulips smelt nice only to realise they were either silk or wooden!

The whole place was buzzing with bees and bursting with colour… it defiantly didn’t disappoint!

De Pijp

I had come across this neighbourhood in one of my many researching sessions… of course, the thing that grabbed my attention were the food stalls that are set up in the street daily (Soz hips, you’re in for a real treat over this next month!)

After wondering up and down for a while, we managed to track down some epic gluten free and vegan waffles that blew our minds. I am pleased to say that the packet didn’t make it to the next day…

AMSTERDAM, it’s been a pleasure. BERLIN, we are coming for you…

Ps. Gluten free and Vegan finds are coming soon…


  1. Emma Latham
    August 23, 2017 / 3:21 pm

    I love reading your blog and can\’t wait for the next installment.
    Enjoy and stay safe X

  2. Jake north
    August 23, 2017 / 6:34 pm

    This is amazing!

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