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Oh Amsterdam, you weird and wonderful place you. Full of experiences, amazing people, good coffee and tasty food…

If you are currently in need of inspiration or would just like your eyes opening up to a whole new world then Amsterdam is the place to go…

As I have already been to Amsterdam, this was probably the place that I was least excited about. However thinking about it there was so much that I wasn’t able to see previously (going with three lads on a very small budget left us not really seeing a lot – sorry lads, it was great fun all the same!) but this time I came fully equipped with a list and I was determined to tick it all off…

(Read on for the adventures of Georgina & Sophie)

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After a long journey, we finally arrived in Amsterdam… first things first was to get rid of the extra human we had acquired on our back (yes, I am talking about our backpacks and yes we possibly did pack more clothes than needed but hey they say we all learn from our mistakes!)

We were greeted by a lovely (possibly high) Deutsch man who showed us around our temporary home… it was quaint, quirky and you needed some kind of special qualification to get up that tiny staircase with a huge backpack on but we got there and when we arrived at our room, it was everything we expected and hoped it would be!

After being shown everything from how to turn a key in a lock to flush the toilet and to turn the light on (just in case any of you aren’t aware, it’s button on… button off and downstairs there are more buttons in which you can turn the light on and off)

Now we have that clear. It’s off to the Red Light District to do all the cliche things…

  • Museum of a prostitute – this really is something I would recommend to anyone, I feel like we can be quick to judge the girls behind the red light so this really does open your eyes as to what it’s like for them. They may be selling their body, but this is a job to them and they are safe and happy which is the most important thing right?
  • Sex museum – you can’t visit the red light district without going to visit the big willy for a standard ‘big willy photo’!
  • Condomerie – this was the first condom shop to open so why not take one home as a souvenir…

Now for the fun part…

Seeing willys, girls behind red lights and condoms can be quite tiring so we treated ourselves to a drink (when I say treated ourselves, this really was a treat… €7.50 for a gin and tonic?! But there was more gin than tonic so who am I to complain)
This drink then led us to one of the famous coffee shops where we decided to treat ourselves further to a cheeky smoke…
We learnt that we aren’t so good at this. Sophie couldn’t feel her hands so she thought sitting on them would obviously help whilst being paranoid that everyone was looking at her with concern.
Myself on the other hand, well I could not could not contain my laughter. We learnt that paranoia and laughter isn’t a good mix…

Moral of the story is don’t smoke whilst intoxicated with alcohol kids! And just stick to coffee… it tastes better!

I think that’s enough for one day… stay tuned tomorrow for day two where I promise, it will be PG friendly!

Photos: I cannot take credit for these… Sophie is the photographer on this trip so I’m sure all photos over the next few weeks will be thanks to her!

Goede Nacht! Xo



  1. Mandy lewis
    August 18, 2017 / 9:37 pm

    So happy for you both. Great blog. Room looks fab. Im surprised you didn\’t throw up mixing the smoke and alcohol. Enjoy your traveling. So happy your changing your lives for the better. Experiencing traveling must be done and your doing it. Were so god damn proud and most of all excited to read all your blogs and more… 😉😚🤓 Xxxxxx

  2. Sophie Clark
    August 19, 2017 / 10:47 am

    Love this, really felt like I was there with you and made me a little jealous that I\’m actually not! Excellently written babs! So glad to hear your having a wonderful time and taking it all in whilst trying new things. Can\’t wait to read more! Stay safe gals and enjoy the rest of your travels. Lots of love xxxx

    • August 21, 2017 / 7:10 pm

      Awh soph, I\’m glad you\’re enjoying the read! Lots of love xxxx

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